Company History / Our Story / Our Journey

Auto-Belts started business in the motor trade industry over 25 years ago. That was about the time the Japanese Imported vehicles first began arriving in New Zealand. Back then there was less regulations in the import criteria vehicles had to meet. 

One of the most common requirements was to install Lap / Diagional Seat Belts in the rear outside seating positions, fit a Hi-stop light and to replace the front Seat Belts if they were not duel sensitive.

Over the years more and more regulations were introduced. At one stage used car importers were only allowed to import cars less than 10 years old.

Later on there was a change in the inspection criteria for cars imported without an export certificate. (an engineer would inspect these vehicles for signs of previous accident damage or faulty repairs from Japan.

In 2002 The Frontal Impact legislation was introduced for cars manufactered on or after 1st March 1999.

In 2007 Vehicle Exhaust emmission standards were introduced and in 2009 were updated to meet Euro 3 standards and again in 2012 to the Euro 5 standards.

 What began as a mobile Seat Belt installation and repair service has developed into a one stop garage workshop for Comp[liance  Certification  and Repairs with WOF available. We have been a member of the Motor Trade Association since 1994