Seat Belt Repairs Questions


I have an Audi A3 station wagon and my dog has chewed the rear seatbelts.Can you replace them or do I need to go to a franchise dealer?

Yes we can replace your seatbelts, same day service by appointment.


Can you fit rear seatbelts into my van? it has a fold up seat in the back and I would like to carry passengers occasionally.

Yes we can install rear seatbelts into most vans, if there are no existing seatbelt anchorages we can install the anchorages and certify the work.


My holden commodore front seatbelt is worn and I failed my Warrant of Fitness inspection because of this, can you replace it ?

Yes we can, we carry a  variety of seatbelts for the popular cars.


My 2003 Isuzu Trucks seatbelt is worn out, can you replace it?

Yes we can, we carry a  variety of seatbelts for light to heavy trucks.


I have an excavator and would like to have a seatbelt fitted can you do this on site?

Yes there is a mobile installation service available with full onsite workshop. 


I have a 1956 Pontiac Safari can you fit front retracting lap diagonal seatbelts.

Yes we can install all the required seatbelt mounting anchor points, supply & fit the seatbelts and get the whole job including any other modifications Low Volume Engineering Certified .