SEat belt repairs and replacements

Cars & trucks

Failed your last WOF inspection? We can repair or replace Seat Belts for most makes and models of Cars and Trucks. We carry Seat Belts in stock for most vehicles (excluding SeatBelt pretentioners) Call us for price, supplied and fitted.

For pretentioner Seat Belts, the price varies from car to car. Your vehicle identification number is required in most cases to identify the Seat Belt Pretentioner. There maybe a delay of several days if the Seat Belt Pretentioners are not in available locally.


New Seat Belts installed into tradie's vans with foldup mid row seat,  Motor homes , moving industrial equipment and older classics (Chevys, Ford Mustangs etc)  is a specialty. Low volume certification provided where necessary.


2012_Suzuki_APV.JPGseat belt problems or need New Belts installed Talk to us!

If your Seat Belts need attention or you need some fitted, we'd love to hear from you. Give us a call on 09 525 3215